Ricoh Caplio R5 review

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Ricoh Caplio R5 review

I purchased the R5 to replace my defunct Praktica Luxmedia (relatively obscure make, but very nice photos).

The good things are the nice zoom range, some manual controls and the dedicated button to show the last picture taken.

The menus are very easy to follow and quite clear. No problems there.

The macro ability is very good, with a nice control to change the focus point manually - something I hadn't seen on any other camera before.


After a couple of days trying this out in various situations (ranging from strong sunlight photos of the kids, through snow scenes at an indoor skiing centre to macro shots) I took the camera back to the store to change it for a Canon A series.

Even though on paper the specifications look really good, the camera was unable to perform. All shots, came out very noisy - even worse than my 3 year old Praktica. Image stabilisation was mediocre, and the camera tried to set ISO 400 as the default in any situation (which probably caused all the noise).

Other problems were the location of the flash meant it was very easy to cover this with a finger, especially when taking vertical orientation photos. The zoom lever was in the most awkward place ever.

I'm sorry that I didn't get on with this camera, but it was a step backwards from it's predecessor. I can live without 7x zoom, but I cannot live with noisy shots.

I know there are manual settings to set the ISO speed to a lower level, but if I'm going to do this for every shot, then I might as well change to a dSLR, since then I will be intending to do this. Not good for a point-and-shoot level camera.

Ricoh Caplio R5
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2006
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