Canon PowerShot G7 review

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Canon PowerShot G7 review

I had to think awhile to answer the last question ("value for money"), but I had to
conclude that it is an excellent value for the money, based on the ten thousand
beautiful photos I have stored on my computer.
I love the way it feels in my hands. The only other camera that I can say this about
is the Canon D1 professional camera.
The G7 is too heavy for me to wear on my belt. It was a struggle to keep my pants
I searched for a camera bag, only to reallize that I had already bought one a long
time ago which is perfect for it. Now I carry the camera over my shoulder, and my
pants stay up!
It's a bit of an inconvenience, but I'm sure a DSLR would be a lot more
cumbersome. I would not be happier carrying around a camera that is any heavier
than this one is (with an extra battery in the case).
The only drawback for me is one that you really can't blame the camera for. It
doesn't take DSLR quality photos. They are sometimes not as sharp as I would like
them to be. However, they are very good + quality, and my photos look a lot better
than most of the people around me are taking with their compact digitals. I happen
to be a pretty good amateur, and have been taking photos since I was about ten
years old. I was the "family photographer" of whom there were no photos of when I
was young, because I was always the one taking the family photos!
I am very pleased with Richard Franiacs black ring, his grip, and thumb rest. They
transformed my G7. I also painted over the G7 logo with black paint and covered
the Canon logo with electrical tape. Now it is a stealthy, low key, quiet camera that
you can sneak into a theater where "no cameras are allowed". I never thought that
meant ME anyway!
I was heartbroken when I lost my S-80 at Joe's Pub in Manhattan about a year ago,
but it lead to my getting this much better camera. (I do miss the wide angle,
I love that it is extremely quiet upon starting, and during operation. It does not
make noise, even in a quiet room, while taking photos.
I love that what you see through the screen while taking photos, is what you get
after you squeeze the trigger, and that it is usually quite good.
Built in flash STINKS in most situations. If I could permanantly shut it off, I would,
because it is a nuissance when the flash goes off and my photograpy suddenly,
accidentally, becomes extremely conspicuous. Besides, the pic with the flash is
always deleted due to it's horrific quality (and red-eye can always be expected).
Again, you really can't fault this particular camera by it's lack of good built in flash
performance. Most compact users will probalby report similar results with their built
in flash.
Overall, this is the most satisfying camera that I have used in my 45 years on this
When I look at what other people are shooting with on the street, I feel blessed for
many reasons at having this little jewel.



Canon PowerShot G7
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 210 mm (6×)
Announced: Sep 14, 2006
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