Canon PowerShot G7 review

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Canon PowerShot G7 review

Excellent Compact Camera!

In the past I used several analog SLR’s. Sometimes I felt crazy having so much equipment with me. Therefore I bought a small and “cheap” Noname-4MPixel digital compact camera. Some photos were nice but in total I was not satisfied with the quality.

I definitely need a better camera!

Then I started comparing several digital compact cameras and SLRs. SLRs were eliminated soon (I still don’t like too much weight and volume with me) but the decision which compact camera needed a very long time.

Well, yesterday I got my Canon G7 and after a first look I am very happy with it.

Construction and features are perfect. It feels more robust than other cameras and I like the way you can use all the manual settings. Only the auto focus is a little bit slower than expected. OK it is not an SLR.

My personal reasons for the G7 have been:

1. Tests promises good quality of the pictures
2. Compact enough to be carried all the time
3. Manual settings available
4. Image stabilizer
5. Underwater housing available
6. Optical viewfinder
7. Wide optical zoom range
8. Flash adapter

To 1:
After just about 50-100 experimental photos it is too soon to get the optimum out of the camera. My first pictures are very good and well balanced in color. Resolution of 10MPixels is really enough to get all the nice details. Even in automatic mode the photos are much much much better than of my previous camera. My big surprise: The flash is OK, at least in my living room. I tried my bigger flash from my analog SLR (now I can) and photos are even better, but not so much that it’s worth carrying this extra weight all the time.

For me the quality of the pictures is great, especially compared to other compact cameras. If you are used to the quality of a digital SLR, to the speed of a digital SLR …, the G7 might be poor in critical situation. But you have a compact camera, with all the benefits of a small camera. Sure, at higher ISO settings pictures become noisy. But this is not surprising me. When I had my analog SLR it was the same. I never used 400ASA films because pictures became grainy.

Here it is the same. I prefer ISO-80, but in case it is darker, I use higher ISO values, and till ISO-400 the quality of the photos is acceptable.

To 2:
The G7 is bigger and heavier than my previous one. On the other hand, this is a prize I’m not sad to pay because the camera makes so much better photos.

To 3:
This was one of my favorite features. I’m used to think before I take the photo. In case there is critical ambient I like the option of correcting the automatic mode of the camera.

To 4:
I took a 1/8s photo from hand and it worked. I think in total it gives you a wider range without flash than having just a better aperture range. Perfect would be both but if I have to decide I prefer the image stabilizer.

To 5:
I will order my underwater housing soon, at least I want to wait a couple of more photos.

To 6:
One of the competitors was the Panasonic LX2. But like most of the compact Panasonics there was no optical viewfinder. If you ever have been on a snowy mountain, you know why I need this option.

To 7:
For me the Panasonic TZ3 is one of the best you can get if you are looking for a big zoom range: 28-280mm (35mm equiv).
But with an aperture range of only F3.3 / 8.0 (Wide: 2 steps) F4.9 / 11 (Tele: 2 steps) it is much behind the G7. So, I accepted the missing wide angle of the G7.

To 8:
My old digital compact was poor indoors. My idea: If I could attach an external flash I still can take good pictures. G7 provides this option. But, if I really will use it very often? I don’t know. Even with the internal flash, pictures are good.


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Canon PowerShot G7
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 210 mm (6×)
Announced: Sep 14, 2006
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