Ricoh GR Digital review

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Ricoh GR Digital review

OK... I guess I should post a camera review because I always check here before I
buy any Digital equipment. So Here goes.. I have had the Ricoh GR for a year and
a half. The GR is very quick and responsive and fun to use.
It has one of the fastest shutter lag times out of any point and shoot. (this is
primarily why I bought it) When you push the shutter, it takes the picture. That is
important!! I would rather have a soft picture of the Hindenburg exploding, then the
ground burning 10 seconds later in focus...
With a viewfinder on it, you can have a virtually silent rangefinder that no one
pays any attention to. Perfect for anyone interested in street photography. It has an
intervalometer which has many uses for street, science and even movies.
Most importantly, the images look like film... The black and white images look so
much like the silver film I used for many years. I shoot a lot at 800 ISO on B&W JPEG
with the lens wide open, The images look like Tri-x. (You can get this look with any
camera by the way! You just have to work at it. The GR just does this by default in
MHO.) I think the camera compresses the digital grain in just the right way with the
jpeg algorithm, that it looks like film. The lens is awesome. Wide-open at 2.4 it is
very good. At 2.8 it is tack-sharp. At 4.0 the depth of field is nearly at infinity.
There are a lot of point and shoot digital cameras out there. They all have their
place. Everyone needs to take snapshots. I love taking mindless fun pictures of my
friends and family. I usually grab another small camera for that.. The GR is a bit
different. It is a serious photographic tool... But hey, so is a Lomo or a Holga if you
use it correctly!


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Ricoh GR Digital
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 mm
Announced: Sep 13, 2005
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