Pentax *ist D review

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Pentax *ist D review

I've used Pentax SLR's since my first ME Super SE, with the diagonal split-focusing screen--more on that later!--and I waited a while to buy the *ist D, but then bought sight-unseen 'cause I knew it would be right. I'm glad it was.

I can echo so many of the things that all of you have said. It just FEELS right, it FITS perfectly in my hand (like the ME Super!), everything on it is EXACTLY where it should be, and it feels very substantial and solid even though it's rather small. I could wind that MEwith my thumb and snap off shots, and turn from landscape to portrait and back and never even blink.

Anyway, back to the *ist D. Great price, since I waited un til just BEFORE the K100D was introduced, and my existing lenses are great with it. I love the 2 control wheels right near the shutter, in front and in back, and I would NEVER use one of the DS/DL/DS2/DL2 or others without them. Again, just completely intuitive design perfection.

The viewfinder is bright and large, like the ME, and there's a TON of info in there (yes, NOT the ASA/ISO, but it IS on the top LCD panel). Auto-focus is very good but not great, as many said, and is not going to blow away the guys with the $10K or $30K Hasselblads at the Olympics. But, the bursts are fine, and now that I know not to use RAWs, mine will save faster.

I'll close this. I couldn't be happier than if I could afford the yet-to-come 645D, but that's for the next step!



- Yes, the CF card door is flimsy, and it's not easily ejected.
- USB 1.x is too slow.
- The little rubber/plastic plugs flop loose all the time.
- The back display is too small at 1.8 inches
- The cursor navigator is tricky to get used to.

Nothing major. I'm sure I'll still have this camera more than 20 years later, right next to my ME Super SE.

OH! That's the other thing--the matte focusing screen is less-than-precise. The ME Super >>SE<< had a DIAGONAL split, surrounded by a ground-glass focusing ring, and it was incredibly accurate AND precise. That's it!

Pentax *ist D
6 megapixels • 1.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 26, 2003
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