Pentax K200D review

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Pentax K200D review

I'm impressed with this camera. I switched from ist*DS and I'm happy with K200D. AF-C is fast and accurate. In low-light is not bad too. Faster than AF-S. My FA43 and 77 had back-focus at ist* DS. At K200D is all right. AF is like K10D, but more accurate. DA35 macro is good with AF too.
Low-light AF is 2-3 times better than DS, not miracle, but good for me. Hunting a bit in very low light in AF-S, but better in AF-C.
With Ansmann 2850 NiMh is a bit worse in speed. AA lithium rules. The shutter button is better than K10D's - not too soft. And not too hard like at ist DS. I use O-ME53 and have no problems with VF at all. White balance FINE tuning is like in K10D. The same function.
It really works, for not quick shoot or for studio is very usefull. But I shoot RAW in 99%.
I can shoot 6-7 PEF with Transcend 2 Gb SD 150x and 4 Gb 150x. In DNG buffer is 4 frames, 5 - in 1 sec. EV compensation and autoISO works together. Noise is well controlled. In good light condition is no problem to shoot till ISO1600, in low light and with a lof of dark places and shadows till ISO1000. Jpeg is better than K10D's jpeg.
SR works very good. Much better than in K100D. Shutter lag is very short. AF is a bit noisy with "screw-driver" lenses.
The IQ of picture at ISO1600 is better than ist*DS.
Noisier, but the resolution is MUCH better. Sharp pictures even at high ISO. ist DS's picture were more soft even at ISO400.
K200D is better in hand than K100D and K10D for me.

The main difference vs K100D (K100D super)
- 10 MP APS-C sensor SONY
- Dust-proof, water-resistant construction
- ISO 100 - 1600
- LCD 2.7" 230 000 dots
- better SR (better at 1-2 steps), equivalent to approximately 2.5 to 4 shutter-speed steps.
- Dynamic Range Enlargement
- Comprehensive Dust Removal system with prevention, removal and confirmation devices -
with NEW Dust Alert function
- Approximately 1100 images can be taken when using AA size lithium batteries due to its energy saving design, 700 - with NiMh AA 2500 mAh
- dust-proof, water-resistant battery grip
- RAW button
- real P-shift mode
- better in-built flash functions (guide number 13)
- In-body development of recorded RAW-format images
- better NEW 14 bit PRIME
- sensor is put in SR rails hardly
- Sv mode
- GREEN button (page 96 of manual)
- step of ISO 1/2 or 1/3
- Eight digital filters
- better work with folders and files
- better jpeg tuning
- 6 types of IMAGE TONE (natural, bright, portrait, landscape, vibrant, monochrome)
- pixel mapping
- avtofocus EV from -1 to 18 at ISO100 with 50/1.4 (K100D from 1 to 19 at ISO200 with 50/1.4)
- weight 630 gramm vs 560 gramm (K100D) (without batteries)
- dimensions 133.5*95*74 mm vs 129.5*92.5*70 mm (K100D)
- buffer 4 RAW vs 3 RAW (K100D)
- unlimited jpeg at 1.1 fps
- DNG format
- shutter sound is softer
- histograms for all channels

It's the real hit for the market


No problems at all.

Pentax K200D
10 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 23, 2008
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