Ricoh GR Digital review

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Ricoh GR Digital review

Very nice little camera with a very good user interface and (nowadays) a nearly unique way of taking photos without all the digital uglyness (like artifacts caused by heavy noise suppression) in them. You pay the price for that with quite a bit of noise when using higher ISO settings, though. But even this noise is not really offending and works well with BW photos. It may well be *the* digital compact for BW work.

If you set it to snap focus, the thing is very fast for a compact -- if you disable the display (it will still light up when pressing the shutter) it's great for fast shots. You can carry it around switched on without draining the battery too much and shoot within a fraction of a second anytime. The auto focus isn't bad, too.

The lens is great, it delivers clean pictures from corner to corner and is reasonable fast with the aperture wide open.

The camera feels very good and secure in the hand and the shutter has just the right resistance to it to try hand-held shots even with longish exposures.


No real problems yet, but to pick a few nits:

1. It would be nice to be able to configure the "zoom" rocker to switch ISO instead of only WB or EV compensation. When you're in manual mode the EV isn't useful anyway (you change the exposure instead) and having instant access to the ISO setting would be much more important. You can still use the ADJ wheel/button for that of course, but this is one button press more...

2. The buttons on the back are a bit on the small side and almost flush with the surface, so they are hard to press without looking. Some tactile hints would've been great here. You can get used to it, but I'm still pressing the case next to a button now and then when in a hurry.

3. The focus drive is not exactly quiet. In fact it is loud enough to turn some heads in otherwise very quiet environments (luckily with the snap focus option the camera is nearly totally silent).

Ricoh GR Digital
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 mm
Announced: Sep 13, 2005
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