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Nikon D60 review

Have used this camera extensively over the last couple of weeks. Have used it with an array of lenses and also with flash. It performs beautifully with the kit lens, very compact and lightweight. The VR on the 18-55mm works as advertised. Also used the 18-200mm VR Nikkor and the resolution it resolves is very good for the D60's 10MP sensor. Much of what I wrote about the D40 stands up. With the D60 you get the benefit of shooting at ISO100.
Detail with kit lenses is exemplary, I just cannot imagine anyone owning this camera wanting more. If you need more, then you're definitely after a (semi)pro camera and pro lens. Other lenses used with the D60 are a 1970s Nikkor-Q 135/2.8, a 200/4 AIS and a 28/2 and 50/1.2 both AI. It performs flawlessly. The quality is exemplary with all of these 4 lenses. It really makes the 10MP CCD shine. As with the D40's 6MP CCD, I think the incarnation of the D60's 10MP sensor is the best one available on the market today, all things considered. I am amazed once more to see Nikon tweaking its entry class bodies to their maximum potential. It really helps grow the reputation of Nikon entry class. It is very easy for someone not knowing much about SLRs to get a more than decent shot.
The D60's body, like the D40's, is pretty rugged for its price. Took it out shooting with the 135/2.8 non-AI Nikkor-Q, in mild summer rain, and just went ahead and wiped the body now and again. It functioned as advertised, even though the body is not sealed.
All things considered, apart from the Pentax and Olympus variations of kits, I just cannot see a better deal for the buck in the entry class. An awesome feat. from Nikon, the D60 is more than it seems at first glance as it is tweaked to give very good looking results for amateur shooters that care a little bit more about their pics.


Have not encountered problems with the camera. But having used the D40 for a longer time, I will make some remarks on a few differences between the two. First of all I'll start by saying that if you don't know for sure what you will use those extra MP, don't even bother with the D60. I used a 4GB Sandisk regular SD card on both Nikons and writing speed is a problem (for me) with the D60. The files are bigger than the D40's and when shooting RAW, one simply needs a faster card.
The 6MP CCD that the D40 houses, beats the 10MP by an important margin at high ISO values in terms of grain. I just like the way the 50/1.2 feels on the D40 a lot. Have used it at concerts and find the D60 won't handle those kinds of situations just as well as the D40. But it does offer more resolution, more cropping space and, ultimately, a better versatility in terms of use. Also, the added VR on the kit lens, makes the D60 a highly reliable shooter. Just be sure you need to shoot 10MP instead of 6 and that you won't be shooting in 'available darkness' with it

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Nikon D60
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Announced: Jan 29, 2008
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