How to Pre-Visualize like Ansel Adams

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Re: Only Chumps Bother To Pre-Visualize...

MrMojo wrote:

I think that the kind of "chimping" that chkproductions is referring to is driven by the Lazy Photographer Method. Why bother to learn the basics of our craft when we have access to digital Polaroid cameras with the added bonus of not having to pay for film?

A key part of LPM is using the camera histogram in an attempt to confirm proper exposure instead of learning how to meter and interpret exposure readings. Contrary to popular opinion on this forum, a DSLR histogram is not suitable for determining exposure.

"Spray and Pray" is another essential component of LPM. Now that every camera has a built-in high-speed motor drive it is no longer required to anticipate the "decisive moment." Simply press the shutter button until your index finger becomes fatigued... or the memory card is full. Replace the memory card and repeat. It's the major reason wedding photographers routinely produce thousands of images during an average ceremony and reception. How did we ever manage to produce memorable wedding images when we were constrained by the cost of film/processing to remain within a budget?

Finally, let's not forget the career-saving ability to post-process our way out of trouble... Why bother to nail the exposure in the camera and address other troublesome variables when RAW files and modern software allow photographers to fix problems after the fact?

The ease of gaining entry to "professional" photography using modern equipment and the Lazy Photographer Method is why our profession is in serious trouble. Photographic skills have been devalued and images have little intrinsic value; EVERYONE is a photographer in the 21st century.

We now know how painters felt when photography was invented...

Well, *your* profession is in serious trouble then sir, mine is taking off because I have nearly completely dumped digital and I am doing groundbreaking work on film for a market that has loads of cash and is desperate for something other than digital...

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