Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 review

Started Aug 6, 2008 | User reviews thread
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lorenzozb New Member • Posts: 18
Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 review

Lots of very good feature and very easy to use.


1. Poor image quality, even at maximum JPEG resolution, high fuzzyness or lack of contrast/sharpness.
2. Hotspots are a real problem and very annoying as there is no way to get rid of them.
3. Any hotmirror filter produces green/blue vignetting from 28 to 100 mm.
4. Manual focus gear not very good in responding.
5. Camera hangs if the on/off switch is operated very fast.

Fujifilm FinePix IS-1
9 megapixels • 2 screen • 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)
Announced: Jan 4, 2007
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