Nikon D1H review

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Nikon D1H review

A really great camera for its time which still is a bargain on the used market.

The jpeg-output is good, especially compared to D100 and D70. Build quality is good aswell, except from the lcd which stands out a little bit.
Great high-iso performance. Iso 1600 is fully useable even when light is not so good.

Metering with old Ai lenses is pretty good. Something that you'll miss with D40,D50,D60,D70, D80, D90 and D100.
Only D200 and the D1-series of today's cheap bodies will meter with many these bargain-lenses. D300 is not that expensive though.
Also the viewfinder is good but focusing close to infinity with wide-angles may be hard, and are so with the rest of the bodies aswell. Except from D700 and D3, thx to a bigger viewfinder.

Wo0t, no shutterlag? Only if you activate "anti mirror", then you'll have some lag.


AWB indoors is not great(But on which Dslr is it?)
The camera underExposes not to blow highlights, you may sometimes have to overexpose slightly to get it right. Not a big problem though.
No auto-iso, wouldn't be hard to add through a new firmware. But Nikon just won't do it.

Battery-performance is not so good with today's standards. Nikon's own EN-el4 are actually worse than these from third-parties. You get em cheap on Ebay.

Also, do the tripple-refresh first time before you use them, to maximize the performance and get more shots per charge.

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