Pentax Optio W30 review

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Pentax Optio W30 review

The camera was purchased 8 months ago for use in corrosive and dusty industrial environments. A protective silicon skin, not water proof, was also purchased to protect the camera. It was selected over the Olympus because
1- It had a better macro
2- It uses a SD card and I have a reader built into my laptop.
3- It has no moving parts. (The Olympus has a shutter)

It has been subjected to sulphuric acid, dusty environments and frequent washing. Last week-end it was submerged for 30 seconds in 98% sulphuric acid. Amazingly it still works, though it does smell like bunt rubber and the chrome has corroded off. After dropping it in the acid I picked it up, shock it off and continued to take pictures with it for the rest of the week after washing it off at a steam vent. You can not ask any more of a camera.

Keeping in mind that I take industrial pictures, the picture quality is good. The macro function is excellent, often illuminated with an LED Maglight.

Issues include:
-After dropping the camera ¼ of the screen turned to vertical white lines. The camera is not robust.
-The camera has no light to assist focusing. As a result when taking pictures in the dark you must illuminate the area with a flashlight or use manual focus. This is very annoying and time consuming.

As a replacement I purchased the new Olympus stylus 1030 instead of the replacement W60. My reasons include:
-The W60 has a cheaper feeling case and lens then the Olympus or W30
-Olympus has improved the macro function, though it is more complex and may not match the Pentax. (See Olympus review in 6 months)
-Pentax changed the battery, making all my extra batteries useless. This is very frustrating and voids any customer loyalty.

If the store still had the W30 I would have bought it again.

Pentax Optio W30
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 22, 2007
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