Samsung NV24HD review

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Samsung NV24HD review

I bought this after months of trying to find a point & shoot camera with the option to trigger it by wireless remote. I never thought of Samsung but this camera has everything I needed:

- You can trigger it by remote
- It has a 24mm wide lens (there is less than a handful of P&S cameras out there with a 24mm lens, all of which sell for well over £250)
- Full manual control
- Good flash
- Capable of capturing HD quality movies.

Now the videos are bang on, as long as you don't zoom! If you zoom you lose sound, but think of it this way, virtually all P&S cameras don't have the ability to zoom, let alone film in High Definition so as long as you pick your start zoom and don't move from it then the picture and sound is crisp.

I filmed a DJ the other night and its up on youtube, click 'watch in HD' to see the results, also it shows how well it performs in the dark with limited light source...

The above video filmed in full HD format came to a mere 64mb I was expecting it to be a lot more, on a 1gb SD card you can get 20mins of full HD video, you can also pause the video whilst recording which I found to be a good idea.

The processing of images is very quick and hand held shots in the dark are easy to execute without much camera shake.


bad lens flare
the sound loss on zooming
noise is noticeable but not as bad as others in its class.

Samsung NV24HD
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 24 – 87 mm (3.6×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2008
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