Samsung L210 review

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Samsung L210 review

I just bought it and tried some photos and videos.
The xvid avi video function is as powerful as other
bigger cameras.

You can plug in the USB cable to power it for long
duration of video recording for several hours. It can
record xvid avi video of 800x592 20fps for around 2
hours (limited by the 2G FAT file size), and even longer
for lower resolutions.

It supports optical zooming in video recording. The
sound recording will be muted when zooming to avoid

It's equipped with optical image stabilizer. The effect
is quite good. It has a digital image anti-blur mode to
improve image quality with digital image processing in
low light environments, in addition to higher ISO and
optical image stabilizer.

It's feature rich, compact and handy. I take it daily
with me and seldom use the other bigger cameras.
Image quality is often not so important as portability.

The design of the multi-function USB data cable is
smart. It can be used to connect the camera to PC as
a mobile USB disk to copy photos or files. At the same
time, you can charge the battery from the USB 5V
power source. An adapter is provided to convert the
wall socket supply into 5V USB port to charge the

It's a pity that I lost this special USB cable. The end
that connects to the camera is not a general type of
USB plug, so it's difficult to buy another copy except
from the same manufacturer.


1. There is a buzz noise when in the video recorded. I
put my ears on the camera and found that seems like
noises from a cooling fan. When you tilt the camera
body, the noise changes and at certain angle it's
constant and very loud. I didn't experience this with
Samsung S1050.

2. The image quality is too bad, like a webcam.
Especially the non-center areas are too blurred, and
the blurring is not balanced on left side and right side.
Maybe I got a defect machine. I'll try to change it and
post the result later.

After I changed another one, the fan-like noise still
exists and you can hear it in the video recording, which
is annoying.

The image quality of the second one is better than the
previous. Moderate for a mini camera.

Samsung L210
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2008
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