Canon PowerShot A590 IS review

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Canon PowerShot A590 IS review

Given the low price - under 100 € on - the range of features offered by this camera is startling. This mitigates against it to some extent, because one immediately compares it with with other cameras offering the same features, most of which cost three or four times as much. On this level. image quality lets it down a little, but on its own price level it comes out very honourably indeed.

I bought it mainly to use with a Gigapan, which requires a camera that can be set manually, so I haven't tried it in any of the auto modes nor even in aperture- or speed-priority. But my wife uses one in full auto on her morning runs: she finds it delightfully simple, and the results are good.

It's entrancing, too, to find match-needle exposure metering again after all these years.

The user interface is excellent, easy to follow without looking at the manual (but see the "problems" section as reagrds that) and remarkably complete.

But as regards value for money and sheer photographic fun it beats the rest of the field not just by streets but by transcontinental highways. It's almost worth laying a couple away against the day it goes out of production.

Conclusion: great wee camera, why do without it?


Images are a bit oversharpened. It would be nice to have some influence over this, but at that price who's complaining?

MF a bit difficult in strong sunlight.

Beware the "Safety MF feature", which can be frustrating if you aren't aware of it. It ruined a 70-picture Gigapan panorama for me. OK, ok, I should have RTFM tatooed on my forehead, but this is the kind of feature you'd never expect on a camera without reading TFM, and for me could have been left out to no loss. Hell, if you're shooting manually it implies that you take responsability for your mistakes, so why bother including this?

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Canon PowerShot A590 IS
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 24, 2008
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