Canon EOS-1D Mark III review

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Canon EOS-1D Mark III review

I've used this camera for a little over a year now. Mine was a blue dot version
manufactured after the autofocus debacle. I have had no problems at all with the
autofocus and have to say it is the best autofocus I have ever used. It is fast,
accurate and can be tailored to just about any kind of use. The metering is great
also with its 65 zone system. But image quality is where this camera shines. The
pictures have a special 3-D quality about them that people really notice. The
camera is built like a tank and is one of the easiest cameras to use. The viewfinder
is large, bright and clear unlike those on the crop body Canon's.

Last summer I was doing a photo shoot with a group catching sunrise over a
mountain range. We set up and began shooting while it was still dark. I found the
controls on the camera easy to access in the dark and made adjustments without
any problems. I noticed a Nikon D3 user struggling in the poor light with all the
knobs, buttons and wheels on his camera and it drove home how elegant and easy
to use the 1d Mark III's interface is. This camera has spoiled me and I don't think I
can ever use a non 1d body again.


I have not had any problems with the camera, but I do feel like Canon could have
been more responsive to those users who were experiencing Err 99 or autofocus

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