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Valentino 67
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Sigma DP1 review

Superb image quality, the best compact on the market

After one year of using DP1, I can say this is the best compact camera on the market. The quality of the image is extraordinary. If you are the creative type, the software that comes with the camera helps you a lot (better than Adobe Lightroom).

I have also Leica D-lux 3 – a very disappointing camera, and I tried the new Panasonic LX3 (Leica D-lux 4) and I wasn’t impressed.

The DP1 take the image you see without over processing, with natural colors and high dynamic range.

The manual focus dial is a wonderful addition and allows you instant focus.

Why would you need tens of settings combinations (Leica) when you can have just the essentials to take the best photo?

DP1 is an easy to use camera, but slow. It takes a little time to start and you have to wait a little for the RAW file to be processed before taking the next photo.

I don’t miss the zoom, but I miss the macro.

DP1 is an excellent camera for travel. For accessories I would add the Sigma polarizer (excellent) and the Sigma flash (it helps taking photos at parties with manual focus set to about 2 meters and you don’t have to worry about anything).

The Sigma viewfinder I found it a little small and I personally can not hold the camera parallel with the horizon when looking through the viewfinder. Interesting, I don’t miss it, even if the LCD screen can not be compared with the Leica’s one. But I don’t care if the image I see on the Sigma’s LCD is not too good, but the image on the computer is perfect, than in the Leica’s case when the image on the LCD looks perfect, but when you go to the PC the image is horrible.

The camera fits perfectly in your hands, but a better build and a nicer design will increase the appeal of this camera on the market.

The features are just all you need for taking good photos.

The image quality gets 6 stars (amazing, thanks Sigma).

Ease of use – you need a little bit of practice, but actually DP1 is a point and shoot camera!

Value for money is fair. What do you expect, having a DSLR sensor in a small, compact body, with excellent image quality?

I strongly recommend this camera, even if you are a beginner in photography.


During my last year trip to Japan, the camera stopped working (the lens didn't retract back). I brought the camera to the Sigma Headquarters near Tokyo and in two days they had it fixed.

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Sigma DP1
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Announced: Sep 26, 2006
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