Nikon D300 review

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Nikon D300 review

Great camera... if only it worked!
Well - the camera itself is very solid, has all the features I need, has great image quality until the ISO gets too high, is easy enough to use but...


...I bought a brand new D300 about four weeks ago. Took some pictures, looked at them on the PC and a bright blue hot pixel near the middle of the shot stood out like a sore thumb. Strike one. (I know, I know - hot or dead pixels are to be considered "normal". But in this price range, I did not want to live with "normal" - I wanted "perfect" so...)
On the next day, I took the D300 back and the store exchanged the body for a new one. Took some pictures, unloaded them onto the PC. Looked great! Put the CF card back in the camera... nada. The D300 now no longer recognized the CF card. Tried with a different card. Same result. Turned the camera off and on a couple of times, removed the battery, waited a while and replaced it. Reformatted the CF cards on the PC - no change. Reformatted the CF cards in another camera - no change. The D300 no longer knew what a CF card was. Strike two.
Next day, I took the second D300 back to the shop and they gave me a third one.
Took it home, successfully formatted both CF cards with it. Took some pictures, unloded them onto the PC. Looked great.
In the course of the next three weeks, I took about 2000 pictures. All (well - the ones I didn't mess up myself) looked great.
After about three weeks, the third D300 decided not to turn on anymore. Tried what I could (battery out, wait a while, battery back in - pressed both reset combinations - tried a different battery, exchanged lenses a couple of times in case they were causing the problem). Nothing.
Went back to the store hoping to get yet another exchange but was essentially told that three weeks was plenty for any one D300 to function properly and that they now needed to send the camera body in for service.
Strike three.
So - that makes three less-than-perfect D300s in a month. After three weeks of service, I now expect to have my repaired D300 back in about three weeks.
Probably just bad luck. REALLY bad luck. But I will never buy another Nikon. I have Canon, Olympus and even Sony cameras. Never has any of them caused me the slightest grief. Of all the camera manufacturers whose products I have purchased, Nikon is the only one I regret having spent my money on and cannot recommend to friends with a clear conscience.

Nikon D300
12 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Aug 23, 2007
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