Pentax K20D review

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Pentax K20D review

I bought the K20D with the battery grip and magnifying eyepiece last December to have a second higher resolution body in addition to the 6 megapixel DS, which I still use as a backup. After 6 months and 1000+ images in all weather and lighting conditions my conclusion is that the K20K is a wonderful photographic tool, and a great value.

I love its versatility and tailoring of exposure modes to the way I shoot. For example, programing the Av mode to change aperture on the rear dial with ISO on the front dial, and programing the Tv mode to change shutter speed on the rear dial and ISO on the front dial. Perfect for landscapes/nature and action respectively.

The large, bright viewfinder is wonderful, especially with the magnifying eyepiece. I wear glasses, and it works great.

All the most used controls - metering mode, AE lock, exposure compensation, shooting/drive mode, ISO, DOF preview, etc. - are right where they should be, easy to operate quickly and the ergonomics are simply wonderful, with or without the grip.

The battery life is superb. All day shooting, out in nature away from the electric plug, many hundreds of frames, several filled 4gig SDHC cards with plenty left over, for example.

While I shoot mosty with a tripod using the 2 sec. delay mirror up mode, I find that the SR (shake reduction) system is great for monopod or handheld shooting. It really works, definitely a 2-4 stop benefit.

I don't plan on getting the K7 since I don't need movie mode or a faster frame rate. My K20D came with an extended 3 year warranty and I'm looking forward to continuing using it for several years.

I highly recommend the Pentax K20D, it's a tremendous bargain at current prices.


Not really. I scored "ease of use" a 4.5 because the K20D has such a wealth of useful features that I'm still learning and exploring all that the camera can do.

Pentax K20D
15 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 23, 2008
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