Olympus Stylus 7010 (mju 7010) review

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Henry Falkner
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Olympus Stylus 7010 (mju 7010) review

Just the Stylus 7020 is available in New Zealand. Compared to the SP-7010 it has a 3 inch LCD (instead of 2.7), and an HDMI port, under a flap together with the USB High Speed port.

It has taken over from my Stylus 800 in all but the wettest conditions. The 7x zoom does the wide angle needed for Morris dance videos, extending to my favoured city scene crop. Results look sharp throughout the zoom range in stills and video. Up to 400 ISO the noise is not intrusive, and at 800 ISO 'NeatImage' still copes.

On the only 1600 ISO night series the focussing did not hunt when the camera was pointed at lighter areas. I reframed with the shutter button half-depressed. The Stylus 800 can only do those shots in 'fireworks' scene mode with low shutter speeds. But removing the noise during post-processing caused outlines in the darker parts to become mushy.

A comparison of closeups from the 800 and the 7020 does show more detail and slightly warmer tones on 7020 images. Following the cat at full zoom with flash set to fill-in indoors caused the camera to select 320 or 400 ISO. Using fill-in flash at the 'Jamboree On The Air' scout convention, the Stylus 7020 chose 200 ISO on all but two occasions, and focussing was reliable.

Apart from wanting a longer zoom range in a pocket camera, my reason for switching is - the 7020 does VGA movies at 30fps, on xD M+ cards as well as on microSDHC cards in the MASD-1 adaptor. I have now an 8 GygaByte microSDHC card Class 2, and I get 6GB worth out of a single battery charge with reliability. After some reviewing and a few deletions, I expect to run out of juice with 7GB on the card.

I use still cameras for video on Morris dance gigs, mounted on my accordeon. Still cameras look less conspicuous than a movie camera does, and without tapes jamming, the Stylus 7020 proves more reliable than DV tape cameras do.

The audio has better treble than I get from the Stylus 800 or the SP-570UZ. The automatic volume control follows easily from quiet to loud without pumping. The focussing is reliable on stills and video.

The camera retains my custom settings while the battery is removed for charging.

At 5/7s of what I paid for the Stylus 800, the Stylus 7020 does what I expect it to do.


Not fitting weather seals from the Stylus 810 onwards was a bad move. I also miss shutter priority.

Keeping a spare battery is recommended, particularly when using an 8GB microSDHC card.

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Olympus Stylus 7010 (mju 7010)
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Announced: Jul 22, 2009
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