Canon PowerShot G11 review

Started Oct 18, 2009 | User reviews thread
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Jonathan Ragle Junior Member • Posts: 35
Canon PowerShot G11 review

I purchased the G11 to replace my Lumix LX2 as a 'real' portable camera, and as a
backup for small-budget jobs shot with my original EOS 5D. I immediately
conducted a side-by-side RAW comparison with the 5D using studio strobes mixed
with ambient light. I found the G11 to be exactly one stop brighter when set to the
same ISO as the 5D. G11 images are more contrasty and the colors are far more
saturated. The G11 noise at any ISO above 100 was much grittier than the 5D even
at ISO 640. Overall, the G11 quality is very usable, and the controls offer
considerable versatility over comparably marketed cameras. Image quality beats
anything else I've seen in the same class...including prior G-series. Basically delivers
as advertised.


The hot-shoe is designed only to operate dedicated Speedlite accessories...except,
oddly enough, I learned quite by accident that the G11 triggers my PocketWizard Plus
II Transceivers in 10sec and 2sec self-timer modes. Very weird. I have to figure out a
workaround for this in order to really use the camera as I intended. Perhaps the
Canon cable release or the PocketWizard TT1 transmitter will do the trick.

Canon PowerShot G11
10 megapixels • 2.8 screen • 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Announced: Aug 19, 2009
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