Pentax K20D review

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Pentax K20D review

After a few years without a DSLR, I knew I wanted a 2nd tier model this time around. I did not have a huge amount of $$. My short list was the Nikon D80 or the Pentax K20d. The K20d was a perfect fit for my hands and logic of control layout and options available to customize my K20d. Solid feel, fast response w/o having to move the camera from my eye. Excellent VF, well thought out LCD display, Great JPGs out of the camera if you want less PP later. DNG!!! Big Deal...if you don't want your software to get outdated by "non-support" down the road. (Adobe CS4 had tons of complaints for non support of older RAW files from discontinued cameras..But the RAW format extension was still current)
Overall, and excellent buy used now (2009), at under $550.00 for a used body. 14.6mp CMOS yields plenty detail with great glass. Mirror noise is average, shouldn't be a big deal. Backward lens compatibility is assume! and in MF mode..the AF point works !!!, AND, the camera can choose the Shutter Speed in AV mode with MF lenses with NO camera to lens communication needed. (Via Preview switch on ON/OFF control..YEAH!..More..Much More...Oh that "green button" Genius!



Pentax K20D
15 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 23, 2008
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