Nikon D2X review

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Nikon D2X review

I'm now on my second D2x body after having sold Body #1 and regretting it ever
since. Given the cost of a used D2x camera at the moment, this has got to be the
best value ever in a pro-body DSLR. The images from the D2x (or D2xs) are simply
stunning, particularly when used with Nikon's best glass. I happen to use mine with
older AIS manual focus lenses (50mm f/1.2 & 28mm f/2.8), but any of the newer,
better lenses in the Nikon inventory will produce exceptional pics. The images are
sharp, sharp, sharp, lifelike, colorful and contrasty, often breathtaking, and they're
filled with details above and beyond what you might expect of a 12MP camera.

The camera is also fast, fast, fast and offers excellent metering ... the best of any
DSLR I've owned. Once you understand the various settings and have them set the
way you want according to your style of shooting, picture-taking with the D2x is
almost as easy as with a point-and-shoot ... but better; much, much better.

The high-speed crop mode (8MP @ 8fps) is one of the camera's most outstanding
features. With it, nothing moving at any speed will escape this camera's ability to
capture it frozen in time.

One of the least discussed qualities of this camera is its ability to capture details in
shadows. No camera I've owned or used quite matches the D2x in this regard. Most
of the DSLRs go very dark or even black in shadow areas that should be medium to
dark gray ... masking much of the detail in those shadows and therefore requiring
lightning in post-processing, increasing noise levels where noise exists. Not the D2x.

All in all, an exceptional camera. From ISO 100-400 it has acuity and film-like
qualities not matched by the newer D300 and is sharper out-of-camera than the
D700. Above ISO 400 noise levels increase and the camera begins to show its age.
Still, with the right technique and proper exposure, I've been able to generate
usable, quality RAW files at ISO 1600. Noise levels at ISO 800-1000 are never
objectionable to me.

One of the great cameras.



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Nikon D2X
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Announced: Sep 16, 2004
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