Canon PowerShot D10 review

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Jason Stoller
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Canon PowerShot D10 review

I bought this little Camera prior to our trip to Jamaica. My girlfriend did not want to have to drag either my 1D or 5D and lenses on this trip. After reading several reviews, I made my purchase and could not be happier.

The first thing I will say to anyone that buys a new camera is to read the manual. On the plane I thumbed through the manual and found everything to be laid out pretty well and easy to access. I am not normally a point and shoot person but this little camera is fun to use. The fact that it does video as well is simply amazing for the price.

Since we intended to take some diving lessons I bought the accessory kit which is pretty expensive. It basically consists of a series of round metal straps of different lengths and the ability to change the color of your camera body if you want to. All I cared about was the straps because I did not want to lose the camera under the water. The straps connect securely and the different lengths help make the camera easy to carry and use in different situations.

I also bought an extra battery and took plenty of memory with me. By the way you can put a 16GB SDHD card in this camera with no issues.

In the past, I have tried different brands of point and shoots and always passed on them because they seemed so slow to respond. This even includes the G3 which was a little bit more advanced. The D10 is a rocket compared to early P/s cameras. You also have quite a bit of fine tuning you can do. I also was worried because there was no viewfinder but I quickly adapted to framing with the LCD.

I found this little camera very responsive on land and below water. The images for such a little camera are outstanding and the color is rich. Underwater the camera compensates if you put it in that mode and the colors came out well. Add to this the image stabilization and what more could you ask for. Oh yes Canon knows how to build image stabilization in the camera and they do it quite well. The buttons are big and the camera is very simple to operate which is very important under the water.

I also know the review on DPR mentioned that the range of the lens could be better. I have to say that if the person that wrote that was an experienced Diver they would understand the focal length. Underwater is a whole different world and this is an underwater camera. The depth limitation is understandable as well because the deeper you go the more light you need. Since there is no underwater flash for the D10 you have to stay at depths which allow enough light for the camera to do its job.

Besides my underwater pictures I was able to get some outstanding sunsets as well as portraits. In fact this camera was so fun for me to use, when I got home I kept grabbing it.

From what I have experienced and I have owned this camera since early August, this little point and shoot will be hard to beat. Even the video works well and its certainly good enough video for the web.


While I did not encounter any issues, I wish Canon would improve the depth this camera can go to and figure out an underwater flash so you have enough light and proper exposure when you are down deep.

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Canon PowerShot D10
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Announced: Feb 18, 2009
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