Ricoh CX1 review

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Ricoh CX1 review

I bought the CX1 mainly for it's 120 frame per sec. speed. It had become my favourite camera, replacing the Pana LX3.

The construction is excellent - would have been a 5 had the tripod socket been metal.

Features, a 4.5 because I'd still wish I can set the shutter speed directly. The MY1 and MY2 are very convenient for pre-setting certain parameters - like a BW or zoomed to the long end, faster this way than holding the ring around the shutter. The DR is useful on some occasions. The high speed is as advertized - just wish it's 2 or 3 MP instead of just 640x480. I don't really care about the scene and easy mode. Come to think of it - hadn't used these two modes at all in 6 months and 4000 pictures.

Image quality... for small sensor, you can't expect much better, really. The LX3 does take better pictures, but not by much. The image stabilization also not quite as good as the Pana. Macro, though is excellent and very convenient.

Ease of use : The short-cut menu is probably the best implementation among compacts. I've put the EV +/-, WB, ISO, Flash +/- to go along with the AF/AE so these five can be reached easily with a simple push of the toggle. I also like the WB adjustment after the shot is taken. One can compare the pic to the real thing right there and adjust color accordingly, and the automatic WB was quite good to begin with.

Value... not quite a 5. I'm spoiled - I got a brand new Fuji F31 at half the CX1 price.


No problem that needs fixing - just some annoyance.
- very slow to zoom from 28 (start) to 200. I work around this by setting step zoom at about 135 to MY1.
- would not display someone else's picture on it's beautiful screen.

(Warning : once you get used to this Ricoh screen, anything less would hardly be acceptable.)

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Ricoh CX1
9 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)
Announced: Feb 19, 2009
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