Canon PowerShot G11 review

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Canon PowerShot G11 review

It was a tough choice between the G11 and the S90. In the end the G11 won out after comparing the two cameras in person and online.

The ergonomics are very good. Size is more than a compact, but smaller than an SLR. You won't be squeezing this camera in your shirt pocket, but definitely in your jacket pocket. Appearance almost takes on a look of a small rangefinder.

Build quality is also very good and solid, with some heft. No creaks or squeaks from the camera body, although the battery compartment door does have a tiny bit of play. But that is so minimal it's almost not worth mentioning. One concern I had was the swivel LCD display; it is securely attached and also solidly-built.

Features are top-notch. The various dials and easily -accessible settings make you actually want to step outside and start taking pictures. There should be enough adjustments to keep amateurs happy. The RAW shooting mode is a nice touch.

Photos taken with the G11 are nice and sharp. Colors seem accurate. Hard to criticize anything here. The lens doesn't make any strange noises while zooming in/out. Focusing does take a little longer than an SLR, but you probably already knew that. (They are completely different animals.) Pre-focus to shot lag seems very fast.

Overall this is definitely a camera I would purchase again. The price point is nearing a basic dSLR setup, but the convenient size is definitely something to think about.

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Canon PowerShot G11
10 megapixels • 2.8 screen • 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Announced: Aug 19, 2009
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