Ricoh Caplio G3 review

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Ricoh Caplio G3 review

From the field - Some that studiotesting not always cover. Caplio 300G - The RR30's weatherproof twin.

I chose to put this minireview here because there are no section for either the 300G or the RR30 which it is based on. The closest model is the G3, which replaced the RR30.
The main differences for the RR30 compared to the G3 seems to be A little longer shutterlag and no sound recording. It took me a while to figure out which one the 300G was based on, but it should be the RR30 as it like that one not even record sound in the videos.
Now to the findings.

Good AWB which seems to handle lightsources indoors reasonably well, though not perfect all the time.
Manuel focus is good in macro mode.
Not too large or deep. A little wide shape though.

So how loud is it mechanical wise?
The zoom and AF is a little noisy. Clearly marginally more so than compared to the 400G.

When it comes to buttons and the shutter. I think that they pretty the same. Both are almost equally silent there. Some of the buttons on the lower half of the 300G clicks a little loudly, I don't know if that is just my copy or normally for this model.

I'm going to update this miniReview with more info the more I use the camera. I haven't used it in the water yet.


The viewfinder don't show the entire frame.

Glossy LCD which causes reflections in bright daylight or sunshine and makes the LCD very hard to see at times. (I've got to add some matte protection film and see if it helps) Probably Ricoh got some feedback on that point as the LCD on the 400G is matte instead and definitely a little easier to use in similar conditions. The size is the same I think.

No ADJ-button. Really a big con after having got used to have it on my former Caplio 400G wide.
It is not getting better by the fact that a simple feature like the choice of iso speed is available first on the second page.
When we are talking about that. Why are not iso 125 included on that list (there are enough space)? If you want iso 125, you need to choose auto-iso and hope that the camera chooses that. And it seems to do so, but only if there is enough light of course.

The other options like exposure comp and white balance can be found on the first page. Still, it takes longer than if I had been able to reach it through the ADJ-button. For exposure comp it is a bit irritating as it often needs to be corrected rather quickly not to miss rare opportunities.

Noisy zoom mechanism.

The macro AF seems to be a little more hit and miss than for the 400G. And it is going to be a critical part in my use of it, especially as I don't expect to be able to read the display from the surface, as with the 400G.
Edit: After having used it over a longer while, I think that the macro AF mostly fails to lock in low light or a target with too low contrast.

AF in low light is also little hit and miss. Sometimes it won't lock and I've had to halfpress to refocus up to 2 or 3 times at rare moments in low light. The same go for the 400G and also the newer G600.
It remains to be seen however the 500G/SE suffer from that too or not.

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Ricoh Caplio G3
3 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 13, 2003
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