Ricoh CX2 review

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Ricoh CX2 review

Camera is very pleasing to hold it, to use it, and
produces not perfect but pleasing pictures. Great
improvement over cx1 regarding dr photos. Now
ghosting almost gone in typical shots.
What one may regard as advantage others may see it
as disadvantage, and here I talk about large number of
settings. Number of them perhaps are not very useful.

Normally fast setting and quick and good shots but
sometimes it takes lot of time to process and get ready
for the next one.

The picture uploading to the computer is very pleasing
experience. Just plug in a cable and it starts to operate
without the need to press or switch anything. Irodio
the operating software is hugly improved over the one
shipped with cx1.

Little but large monitor is very clear in details.
Comparing to other brand I own the knobs and
switches are arranged that they do not operate usually
by accident.

The grey and pink colors are perfectly chosen for

In macro mode it takes better shots than my other
big camera.

Large potentially number of shots on one battery is
offset by unpredictability of the battery dying suddenly
without any warning.

Unique among compacts feature of multitarget focus
is marvelous. Time lapse photos are good but am
somewhat disappointed that it does not cover at least
24 hours nor in smaller than 5s steps.

Overall great cameral


Battery indicator is so poor that often camera dies with
lens extended and without you knowing it to avoid.

Full zoom image is blurred as an impressionist painting.

Dark scenes are poor.

Big overlook by Ricoh company that it does not include
as main accessory nor even an option the universal 240
and 12V battery charger. Most of the time we take
photos away from home.

Video is noisy and sound recording is poor as well as
lacks high pitch.

Ricoh CX2
9 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)
Announced: Aug 20, 2009
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