Ricoh RDC-500SE review

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Ricoh RDC-500SE review

From the field - Some that studiotesting not always cover

As for most Ricohs - Great UI.
The camera operates fast and the AF is even faster than the GRD1 thanks to the active AF.
Well built except for the zoom (More about that on the cons)
It is also not too loud except the AF.
The noise is rather grainy, clearly better than for the G600 and it look fine in B&W too. It is almost like having a zoom GRD.


Fragile zoom though being covered. I dropped my first one on the floor from hip-height and the zoom either broke or got stuck.
I've seen three other different 500SE/G on in a few months which have been struck by the same problem.

The custom white balance won't remember the setting next time I turn on the camera. More irritating than it may sound as it won't allow me to turn off the camera for a short while.
The 400G didn't behave like this, luckily.

Sometimes odd purple cast in outdoor-pictures. (One may need to set AWB to cloudy weather to get rid of that) Bokeh is OK but could be a little more smooth in macro.
The 500SE/G seems to require a little more fiddling with exposure compensation and sometimes white balance to get the best out of it, compared to the 400G. I've begun to use centre-metering which I find more reliable and require less fiddling with compensation.
Banding at higher isos.
Purple or sometimes even blue fringing around high contrast breakings.
That's why I only give it 4.0 for IQ.

AF begin to crawl when AA-batteries is used. But by blocking the phase detection windows with some black tape it gets about as fast as with the DB-43 battery and blocked phase-detection windows. Weird yes, but that's it.

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