Pentax K-x review

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Pentax K-x review

The first DSLR that i brought after a long history with
Point and Shoots. However i had already tried a few
Olympus units before purchases.

Not going to repeat what the reviews say, but overall
the camera has been stellar specially in the high ISO
department. The 18-55mm kit lens is more than
adequate for most users, though the 50-200mm i got
was not that great. My mistake as i should have got
the 50-300mm which i hear is a very good kit lens.

The complains of the in-body IS not working seems to
have been rectified with the newer firmware, and
overall i can get decent shots even at low shutter
speeds as much as 1/15 or lower depending on my grip
of the camera.

The lack of viewfinder showing the focus point was
something i was not very well aware during the
purchase, and though you can get away with center-
focus or using the live view to focus carefully, it is
something than limits this camera from being truly
great as you may end getting a shot that has focussed
differently to what you wanted. The low res screen
though handling sun glare well is also not truly
effective, and a 460K screen might have done better
justice since you will need to resort to using the screen
for fine focusing due to the lack of indicators in the

The camera shooting speed of course is super fast, but
the shutter noise is quite loud!! The video is very
useful and does handle low light conditions pretty
decently. However the audio is practically useless and
you mostly only hear the lens noises.

Overall though as a camera for stills and the odd video
its a great unit, and has a load of features built in to
get you started and beyond. On the long run pairing it
with either some good manual lenses or newer Pentax
or third party lenses can take you further in the
photography learning path.


Lack of focus point being indicated on the viewfinder is
Battery indicator is buggy (shows battery as charge
completed when its not the case)
LCD screen can be higher res to negate lack of focus
points in indicator
Sensor dust cleaner not very effective
50-200mm lens a must avoid, 50-300mm a much much
better option.

Pentax K-x
12 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Sep 17, 2009
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