Canon PowerShot A610 review

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Canon PowerShot A610 review

One of the best compact ever produced up to date..G lens with f 2.8 speed 1/1.8 " sensor and 5 mp means you can get light better..very balanced sensor size and megapixel .Both make excellent IQ..My potraits and even other pictures are competetive with those days dlsr. I can not find a real defination to express my happiness with this compact..If you do not need prints above A3 or attractive bokeh and candle light iso ability then you will no need to buy a dslr...If you find second hand, no hesitate to buy it. Believe me it is impossible to buy this kind of quality with a small budget. It is a real treasure or most of the time I think canon mistakenly produced this little monster..I guessed they realized their market fault and it is now unfortunately discontinued..

Why I am in love;

1.IQ ( I have tried at least 100 compacts of other brands, I compared all photos taken individually side by side and A610 easily beat others still beats most..)

2.Fast G lens that can resolve all details in its range from excellent to medium ( as you go to tele it normally descends)

3. Extensive Feature Set (Full manual control and it has all custom and creative modes anyone could ask for.. all can be chose via metal ring )

4. AA Batteries -You can not remember when it was your last charge (even with heavy flash it stands app over 200 hundreds of shot.)

5. Usable articulating screen and optical viewfinder ( app % 85 coverage )

6. AifAF is fast and flexible enough for day photography..You can get 2 frames per sec with fast sd card and You can hack firmware(Russian one) then you can shot RAW and have live RGB histogram and more add-on better unlimited video..

7.Good out of jpeg color in daylight (can be tuned) crisp photos no need unsharp mask. Processing engine is fast shutter lag not much disappointig. Fast start up.Do not use it auto mode to get most unless it is necessary.Av and full manual mode is absolute benefit on this cam and sensor can get light smoothly from G lens under thsese modes..also I found snow/scenery mode provides smooth-warm looking under every condition.

8.1 cm macro ability is fantastic.Use tripod and you can not belive in your eyes.

9.You can get add on equipments (expansion tubes filter ring etc..) so you can use filters like polorized or uvl..

10. You can not buy this kind of quality under $400 nowadays.


According to me those below not worth mentioning but nothing is you should also consider;

1. No low light ability.Not designed for this purpose..Iso range may be a major problem for low light fanatics. iso 200-400 not so usable.You can endure iso 200 for large prints if you know how to use cam effectively but not 400..Of course this is a range finder looking compact not expect too much.But people coming from film days like me also find iso 400 usable for small prints. You can stick with iso 100 with flash (2,5m effective) Most of the time under well daylight I stick iso 50 and got very very satisfied but do not expect to resolute well at the tele end when you compose scenery..(It is still very well for potraits)

2. Most of the time photographs need some tone curve in CS..photographs are a little bit low contrast tendency.

3. Construction may be a problem for some reckless users but not feel so cheap well balanced plastic and metal finish looking.. stylish and after 4 years of usage under every weather conditions (of course not rain and it has taken 20.000 photos so far) still clean and shiny..this cam is a bargain a kind of treasure..a true love..for a photographer...

4. Of course not dust proof..try not to use it windy-sandy days..

5. 35mm may seem limited but it has panaroma function in camera.. lens has little vignetting ..

Canon PowerShot A610
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Aug 22, 2005
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