Canon PowerShot A530 review

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Canon PowerShot A530 review

Hi. I've been having A530 since XMas '06. Most of the time I used it during my week (or 2)-lasting trips into the Mountains, but it wasn't obviously the only moments I used it. I couldn't tell so far, despite opinions of many photo-sites, wheter it is a manufacturer's fault, or my fault. However, as far as I remember, the camera was taking pictures that were extremely blurry in lower left and upper right corners. And it wasn't just a small distortion, as by the corners I mean big areas of the frame. Despite using the lowest possible aperture value (highest F number) to achieve the greatest depth of view (as my photografy is targeted towards mountain landscapes), the problem was occuring over and over again countinously after each shot. Some had suggested that this might be caused by the CCD sensor being simply slightly tilted. Which I cant help, nor the CANON service point, as the low-end cameras like a530 lack so called "shims" to be found e.g. in Leica models.
This really makes me mad and angry. It was and still is my first digi camera. And it was quite affordable for me. Anyways it seems that 160 € had gone wasted. Don't buy it.


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Canon PowerShot A530
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Feb 21, 2006
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