Canon PowerShot S90 review

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Canon PowerShot S90 review

Good. BUT NOT PERFECT !......................................
Very good camera. Really nice results especially in dark. Perfect that Canon add special mode (high ISO at 1/4 resolution) for these purposes which is available on selection rotary wheel. I am sure you will use this feature very often. Okay there is some loose of details but picture at all looks nice. Precise construction with excellent display. What is funny is that pictures looks much better on it's display than on PC monitors. I tried many of CRT and LCDs...

At this top price range for compacts, let say high-end classe I expect some extra features - like back illuminated sensor, GPS info etc....


- image quality - lens aberation
- image quality - problems with high light scenes - the picture get blur
- image quality - sometimes I see noise at basic ISO 80 - it is interesting because at all this camera is very good at higher ISO as I told you
- ergonomic - problem with no aretation of rear ring - you can very easy make unwanted change the settings
- ergonomics - front ring is not very usefull - for camera holding you must use both hands, so if you want use front ring your left hand must drop the body, make a setting with ring and then hold the body again
- no support for 3:2 format (only 4:3 or 16:9)
- terrible video options - really stone age. Small resolution, small compression, not common codec, no possibility to zoom during recording - only digital zoom. Terrible.

Canon PowerShot S90
10 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 105 mm (3.8×)
Announced: Aug 19, 2009
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