Leica M9 review

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nikos theodosiou Regular Member • Posts: 105
Leica M9 review

I have used a Canon 5D for three years shooting weddings and commercial and I have
tried Nikon's D3 as well. I was looking for a camera that was better quality and more
portable and the M9 fits the bill!! Quality of picture compaired to the Canon 5D is
amazing! there is no contest at all, with the D3 only at higher ISO's does the Nikon
win. Sharpness of the lenses is amazing! I use 28, 50 and 90 and all are great, the 28 is
unreal! compaired with Canon's 16-35 2.8L it makes the Canon look like a milk bottle!
Obviously it is slower to use but I have not encountered any problems really, just
makes you think a bit more about your pictures.


Problems, touch wood nothing yet although the LCD screen is annoying as it shows
up every single mark whenever you look through the viewfinder, don't know why
this is as Canon, Nikons screens seem ok.
Having the DNG files to work with makes sense to me, works well with all softwear.
Battery life is ok-ish (half a day with the camera on) I carry three batts and they take
three hours to fully charge! too long!!
Rangefinder focusing takes a little getting used to but once mastered is great! and
very accurate.
Cost yes its not cheap of course but I print out a A2 and compaired to the 5D and
mk2 5D it wins in all departments! with the D3 also up to 800 ISO after that things
get a little grainy for my taste!

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Leica M9
18 megapixels • 2.5 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 9, 2009
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