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Excellent camera

I've got it a month ago with 14-42 & 40-150 lenses, and Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens. I rarely use a tripod, thus in-body image stabilization came very handy when using the Panasonic 20mm lens. Image quality with that lens is the best; when wide open it makes the subjects glow and causes soft attractive background bokeh. The difference between Panasonic 20mm and the 14-42 kit lens is so apparent that I almost never use the kit lens. If you are going to purchase E-PL2 consider Panasonic 20mm lens as well. For telephoto the 40-150 kit lens is good enough.
The camera is almost as small as a compact. The wheel on the back control is very convenient for aperture setting; I don't understand why dpreview reviewer didn't like it. VF-2 viewfinder is very good, but too bulky relative to the camera size, so I put it on only on bright days when LCD glare makes it difficult to shoot w/out it. The concern that you cannot simultaneously use VF-2 and a flash is misplaced: in the situations when you need flash there's no LCD glare, so there's no reason to use VF-2.
When I was choosing between E-PL2 and the Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras there were 2 reason why I decided in favor of E-PL2: somewhat better high ISO samples on this website and the in-body image stabilization of E-PL2. Given that the 20mm lens I use the most doesn't have IS and that I almost never use a tripod the convenience of the in-body IS is essential.


Poor low light performance. Tried to shoot indoor skating once at f/5.6 (the widest the telephoto kit lens allowed) and maximal ISO. All the shots had way too much noise.

Olympus PEN E-PL2
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Announced: Jan 6, 2011
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