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Sony builds wonderful cameras and I expected a lot from this one when I received it from B&H last week. It was replacing a fantastic 2 yr old WX1 and we got great photos and video with a T30 before that. My big camera is a Canon 5DMk2.

1) The large 3.5" screen is disappointing because it is not bright enough - very hard to use outdoors. Dimmer than the WX1. And I expected the touch screen to work like the liquid interaction you get from a camera on a cell phone. It is frustrating to try to move around in an image with your finger because it skids, ignoring finger motion and the image tremors and shakes.

2) Processing speed is very slow. A lot of delays. It takes about 3 seconds to transition from shooting mode until playback is fully active. It takes 7 seconds after you shoot a picture until it finally lets you zoom into the image in playback. It takes about 4 seconds after you touch a photo in the gallery until you can begin zooming into it, and it takes even longer to return from a photo back to the gallery. The WX1 and a lot of older cameras take less than a second to move between gallery and image.

3) The touch focus defies your attempt to select a face or object - the little white box appears and then drifts around with a mind of its own. Even when the box is in the desired position, the camera itself is inclined to redirect the focus to sharp objects in the foreground or background. Simple stationary photos of a child with spot focus centered on their face miss the detail of eyes and eyebrows, focusing sharply on the fabric of their sweater. The result looks like a cheap camera.

4) Blotchy noise reduction is way overboard - even in good light.

5) Battery life is poor. The fun is over hours earlier than either of my older Sony cameras. And, no external battery charger - have to plug camera in.

6) I am not a fan of the sharp edged zoom 'stick' next to the shutter buttons. I like to move zoom independently with my thumb.

7) The tiny recessed power button is difficult to use.

On the bright side:

1) It shoots unbelievable video, and like all Sonys I have used, you can zoom while shooting. 1920x1080 60fps is incredible - quite a feat. You will need a big computer to play it. If video is the primary use, you could overlook the still photo issues.

2) Fast shutter response.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX100V
16 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 25 – 100 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 6, 2011
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