Ridiculously good value and performance

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Ridiculously good value and performance

I've had this NX10 for a few months now and I am very satisfied, and surprised by its capabilities. Before having it I was using standard DSLRs such as 550Ds and 40Ds.

Initially the NX10 was a camera without much of a raison d'etre, costing as much as the average low-mid end DSLR, however, now it seems that this camera (and its NX100) counterpart cost as much as comapcts, but offer DSLR performance. This is just one of the advantages of the NX system.

The camera itself is small but doesn't lend itself with bad ergonomics, with the wedge of rubberised plastic still comfortable to hold onto, even for big hands. With the 30mm f2.0 pancake installed, this camera is take-anywhereable, unlike DSLRs equipped with even the smallest lenses which are too cumbersome to take to most places in small bags.

The button layout is also good, and well thought out with most controls accessible through the buttons. Full manual usage is a dream on this camera, however the omission of the secondary jog wheel that is seen on the NX100 is a little unfortunate.

The viewfinder provides a decent image, although one would wish for more contrast, in some cases low contrast images become a completely dark blur. The AMOLED is far superior to the EVF, providing a high contrast, clear image with a ridiculous viewing angle. A flip out screen would have been nicer, but it would have compromised the compactness of the camera. An EVF/Live view does have an advantage over traditional viewfinders in that there is an exposure preview, and in some cases that is important.

In terms of photo quality, it is in the domain of APS-C DSLRs, however the sensor is a tad noisy, with anything beyond ISO1600 somewhat sub-par. However for the price point, you really cannot argue, and personally I would not shoot at ISO 1600 regardless of the camera.

About a year ago, the main complaint of the NX line was of the lack of lenses available, however, that is soon to change. However samsung makes quality lenses, which are relatively cheaper than their DSLR counterparts. If there is a lens that any NX user should have, it would be the 30mm f2.0, which incidentally is the most expensive NX lens available.

Personally, I use the NX10 with a manual 50mm f1.4 on a MD to NX adaptor for most occasions. Manual focusing is possible on this camera and I have not really come across any issues with it. However there is no exposure compensation when strobes are installed, but this can be remedied through switching from manual to apeture priority and back.

One noteable addition to this camera is the panorama mode which has been added after the 1.30 update. Expect more features in the future!

Overall the NX system has some unique advantages over other systems, in that it provides DSLR level performance in such a small (and cheap) package. I have enjoyed shooting with the NX10 and i'd daresay have done better than I would have on traditional DSLRs. It is a surprisingly well refined product considering its a first generation foray into MILCs. I am considering a second NX body soon.

Keep in mind that the NX line has a large lens roadmap ahead, and that the NX20/200 is poised to be released next quarter. Compared to the micro four thirds MILCs I would hedge behind the NX series instead due to the larger sensor.


-Somewhat old sensor from K-20/GX-20 a little noisier at higher ISO (1600+)
-EVF lacks a little contrast

Samsung NX10
15 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 4, 2010
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