So far, not so good...

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So far, not so good...

Ever since I read that this little guy can do full HD 60/p video, I have been waiting with baited breath and I just received it in the mail today. Could of gotten it yesterday but Fedex wouldn't let me pick it up at their man-cave.

So I carefully cut through the tape on the Fedex and then the camera box. Then gently take it out of it's felt wrapping. Looks and feels great! Yes! Remember to close mouth, breath through nose. I plug in the AC adapter and fly through the settings with ease. Ah, there it is, "Movie Quality" settings. Lets crank this baby up to 60/p! ...wait, "HD movies shot in PS cannot be saved to Blu-ray/DVD discs in 60p quality"? What? Really? Why would you support RECORDING full HD video but not support the MEDIA to put it on that supports full HD video? OK, disappointing... moving on. Trying 60/i!... "HD movies shot in FX cannot be copied to DVD discs." What? Come on man! Are you serious? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of recording super high resolution video to not be able to offload the equally super large video file onto a Blue-ray or even DVD? I'm DISAPPOINTED! Silence...

OK... what CAN this little guy do? I take a few high rez still shots, a few LOW rez videos, connect via USB to my PC to off load and compare and wait... where are the media directories? There are no media directories? I can play back the images and videos on the camera easily enough... why don't I see any media directories?

Sony support gives up after two hours of remote assistance troubleshooting and sends me to their hotline for support.

Oh well, here's hoping for a firmware upgrade soon. Back to Sony you go little guy...

Turns out Win XP SP3 *does not* support SDXC memory cards. Thus I could see the media on the camera but not on the PC. Time to upgrade to Windows 7.

Still no word on Blu-ray/DVD support or the lack thereof...


Big ding for no support for Blu-ray/DVD disks at highest video resolutions.

Technical issues with not recognizing media directories are hopefully camera specific and not representative of the camera in general.*UPDATE* Windows issue. No fault of the camera.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V
16 megapixels • 3 screen • 27 – 810 mm (30×)
Announced: Feb 1, 2011
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