Nice features, but too sloooooow

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Nice features, but too sloooooow

Incredible features and they are executed well - the movies are spectacular except for low light (as with stills).

WARNING - everything is very slow - more like using a computer than a consumer device:
1. Takes about 10 seconds blinking "stand by" before recording starts - you miss everything unless you are planning way ahead.
2. To view a picture when in record mode takes an average of 8 seconds as "Accessing" is on the screen.
3. After finishing a video it takes a minimum of 10 seconds and more if a large clip, or you took stills along with video - while the camera is paralyzed - with "Recording..." on the screen when saving the video/still.
4. Burst mode - incredible, fast - with a beautiful tilt to view the burst - BUT, while you can take up to 10 full size pictures in about 2 seconds it takes 11 seconds "Recording..." after taking to burst before you can do anything else with the camera..... Of course, who would ever need to take a quick picture after taking 10 quick pictures - you need two cameras to get around a sporting event.
5. Takes forever to find a GPS location.
6. Charging - lasts about 90 minutes if on and filming and taking pictures during a sporting event. A BIG problem is that you cannot charge and take pictures so even if you want to take more video or still and you have a plug you cannot - you need an external charger and another battery - really, you can't use the camera while charging/tethered????? That is crazy - especially as the video is great, but you cannot have it on a tripod and tethered during an event - you have to switch batteries which brings up....
7. Tripod mound covers mandatory battery door AND the usb connector.
8. Cannot change the compression - MANY water color images, and there is no way to experiment as you cannot adj the compression and see the noise - pictures get obliterated into modern art at times.
9. HDR and intelligent modes work great, but can take 5-10 sec to save photos as they compute/manipulate the picture and save it to disk. Using a Class 10 AData sdcard btw.
10. If you set the ISO in manual it is used in other modes - have to be aware so you don't take a bunch of high iso mode pictures when not needed - head is hung low on this one. I hesitated to use the Intelligent button as there is a considerable lag saving the photos.

1. Display is incredibly detailed - not great in bright light - a hood would be nice.
2. Technology Tour-de-force with nice sensor, and more features than can be comfortably explained.
3. HDR works great although you can get caught in a few cases with double images - as with most implementations.
4. Lens is nice, great telephoto for a small form factor.
5. Quick to focus, and intelligent tracking works well.
6. Image stabilization rock steady for video - very very steady which is great with a small point and shoot as it's hard to keep those little cameras steady.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Lot's of high points, but many lows, and the delays really screw things up as if you are caught waiting, well, you rarely get a second chance at a great shot.

- Chris

A few final words. Incredible technology, good lens, video outstanding and detail on the sensor great. If you don't need quick, and can catch quick naps between pictures and functions than this is the camera for you as in great light the images are incredible for a camera this size.

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