A mixed bag

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A mixed bag

This is a model with a fixed, non protruding 36mm 2.8 lens. The lens are up to the task and performs reasonably well but are slightly let down by color mortling already at iso 125 which are the lowest.
After much research and looking through full size samples from some models with fixed non protruding lenses I finally decided to test this model.
What never was mentioned in the reviews are how auditive loud it can be. Not really suitable for stealthy streetphoto that I aimed to use it for.
The autofocus are not too slow but may struggle to lock focus in dim or low light.


Auditive wise loud shutter and rattling AF. Sub par Dynamic range even when compared to other old models like the 2mp Coolpix 700 which was reviewed on Dpreview. Mortling color noise even at iso 125.
Viewfinder do not cover the whole frame.
Awkward menu navigation. Luckily there is not too many options which otherwise would have slowed it down even more.
To review taken images one first have to shut the pullover lenscap and since press the green button on the back of the camera. Plastic build quality though not too fragile.
Capacitor or that small internal battery that keeps date, time and other settings are discharged and refuse to be charged up again. Not a problem until you are going to charge the main batteries and then put them back in to the camera again. One have to do quite some settings all over unless you have an AC-adapter that can help the camera to keep the settings while batteries are being recharged.

What is thatkind of joke? I've never had such a problem with any of my two old Ricohs. The 400G Wide (based on the G4 Wide) or RDC-7.
Unfortunately I had the same problem with the Camedia 5050z and that one wasn't very silent either. Guess I The 360L was my second Olympus camera and maybe I shouldn't bother myself with trying the C-7070?

I liked the tilt LCD which allow one to use the camera almost like a Twin-lens reflex. Noticed that the LCD on the 5060 and 7070 can be tilted upwards as well

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