A very capable printer

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Tord S Eriksson
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A very capable printer

Having owned a Pro9500 Mark II for a while now, I must stay it produces stunning results. Rather slow, at standard settings, but amazing results, worthy its price. As it is a pigment ink printer one has to be careful when choosing paper, as photo paper for ink printers is not the same as photo paper for dye printers. Will most likely outlive us, being a very rugged unit, as long as there are dye cartridges for it!

It has no WiFi built-in, so we use an AirPort to connect it to our iMac - works well, if it isn't a lightning fast connection! Has just jammed once, and that was easily corrected (wrong size of paper used).


Uses quite a lot of ink, so supplies don't last that long! And as the dye cartridges cost a bit, it isn't the cheapest around to use!

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