Great little camera with real limitations.

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Great little camera with real limitations.

I have a Canon 450D and side-by-side shooting the same scene in RAW, the Pentax K-x produces a richer image with better dynamic range. The Canon image burns out on contrast the Pentax gives beautiful colours. Since image quality rules, that settles it. Combined with good lenses, I love it - especially the Pentax prime lenses.

However there is a list of flaws:

1. The missing red dots to tell you where it is focusing is a very practical problem that takes some getting used to. I centre focus and then recompose but at F2.4 on my 70mm pancake lens, the slight change in geometry introduces slight change in focus on a very narrow depth of field. The K-r fixes it.

2. You cant read the numbers in the viewfinder on a bright day because the Pentax shows LEDs on a black background. The Canon is the inverse and it is never a problem trying to read the black letters on a bright background.

3. The CPU is slow. After taking a picture, it takes 4 seconds before it displays the picture on the back. Where you have to make a quick decision as to weather the shot worked or whether you have to do another one, that is just unacceptably slow.

4. The metering is way off the mark in many situations - much worse that my Canon by under exposing for which I adjust the exposure compensation. See point 3.

5. Continuous shooting gives you two shots in RAW, 3 shots in JPG. Stick to portraits and landscapes. No good for bursts of action.

6. It is not weather proof like my K200D. When you walk out of an air conditioned building in the sub-tropics, moisture will condense on the inside of lens and body and take 10 minutes to clear up leaving water marks on the inside - including the sensor.

In spite of its limitations, I love the little runt and will save up for a K5 when the price drops the year after next. Pentax does not allow the K5 to be sold at a discount. I use my Canon only where I need a good flash and when I use lenses I do not have for the Pentax. I am not brand loyal. What works, works. I bought a Sigma TTL flash for the Pentax. It hopelessly under exposes. I now use a twelve year old Cobra flash with its photo sensor measuring light bounced back from the subject and this technology works just fine if you don't need high speed synchronisation.

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