Good and Bad, the story of my TX100V

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Good and Bad, the story of my TX100V

Sony has a super small, pocket-able camera with the TX100V.
The TX100V has a very fast start-up times, though sometimes the sliding lid is difficult to slide down.
The large oled screen has great color and detail but can be hard to see outdoors.
The touch screen is good and bad. It can be too sensitive sometimes and non-responsive at others. Most often when touching the screen is not working, by switching to your other hand it will work. With such a large screen it is too easy to have the display get touched unintentionally and cause a delay in picture taking as you have to undo the change. The touch screen causes trouble when handing the camera to someone to have your picture taken. 50% of the time they will accidently touch the screen and have to hand the camera back to me to clear the screen and get back to photo mode.
Shot to shot processing is slower than my previous Panasonic.
Focus speed is generally very fast, but sometimes you’ll have to press the shutter button for five to ten seconds before it will take the picture.
Focus accuracy is pretty good, camera shake happens more often than a miss focused shot.
The panoramic mode is outstanding; I have taken some great “in camera” panoramics.
The TX100V’s HDR mode takes a little longer for the camera to process, it does do a very good job.
The flash seems quite even coverage and it has fairly good range. But to have a fill flash picture the camera will only allow it in one program mode, which is a pain to have to switch to it.
In movie mode, I have only made one video. After I got home and tried to view it on my computer with Sony’s supplied PMB software it said it did not support that video format (WTF?).
Battery life is very short so I have purchased two spare batteries to keep me going.
Would I purchase it again? No I think for all the very good features and pictures there are too many issues and quirks.
The GPS feature is not really functioning for me because I turn the camera off between shots and it does not locate satellites quick enough when I turn it on for my next shot.


Touch screen quirks
Processing times
Odd 5 to 10 second button press for a picture
Video playback issues
Forced fill flash is not easy
battery life

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX100V
16 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 25 – 100 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 6, 2011
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