Loaded with features. UNACCEPTABLE photos.

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Loaded with features. UNACCEPTABLE photos.

I purchased this camera almost a month ago, virtually based entirely on ratings and samples from this site (including the 230 HS) and without doing my homework at all. After reviewing the pictures I took today, I will be returning this camera.
I've been a very happy user of a Canon 710 IS for several years now. As a matter of fact, until owning this camera, I didn't care for anything Canon. So no surprise I was confident when making the decision to buy the 230 based on no real life comparisons.
Due to the surprising complexity of this simple point and shoot, I've been doing far more reading of the instructions than actually using the camera. I've even been planning a day of experimenting with all the hidden features of the camera that are not advertised or specified in the camera spec sheets. In the mean time, Ive been using my trusty 710 camera. Well, yesterday and today I took a long motorcycle journey with that encompassed some great landscapes, sunsets, museums (indoor stuff) and a fair share of movies. I can honestly say that this picture quality fails and is even unacceptable in almost every aspect except perhaps sharpness. Certainly it does no compare to the 710. Colour is very poorly represented with yellows being heavily emphasized but greens and reds very pale. Overall, all pictures are horribly pale and almost grey tone, like I was shooting through a curtain of smoke. I tried several settings - from auto to easy to program and adjusted the fie tuning with auto contrast, vivid colours etc and nothing made a difference. I would have to say that dark conditions the camera does seem to capture light better than most. One thing I did find curious is how the camera defaults to very high ISO settings in auto and program modes. I mean 250 and 320 in braod daylight and 1600 indoors on a bright day?
The IS seems no where near as effective as the old IS in my 710.
Pictures look far superior on the cameras LCD than they do transferred to a laptop or TV
Ergonomics left a lot to be desired. Almost impossible to operate with one hand. I do not find the pop up flash to be as annoying as so many state. In fact, it is a plus as you can leave the flash setting to 'on' as default and if you dont want to use a flash, you simply push it down when not needed.
Movies are in .mov format instead of avi which I do not care for.
Packed with features and a nice little camera but the pictures...no way.

Canon SX220 HS
12 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 392 mm (14×)
Announced: Feb 7, 2011
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