my Photography got better with Sony DSC HX100V

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my Photography got better with Sony DSC HX100V

Becoming a serious birdwatcher, I knew its time for a megazoom to satisfy myself..and how HX100V fits in like a glove! get 30x in a DSLR setup + lenses is just not economical for me at the moment...I bought this camera after researching / comparing /analysing whats in the megazoom market for about 2months.. I earlier had a Kodak Z8612IS for two years, which had good features for an amateur i am...

first things first, i am very happy with the zooms and i do not disturb the perched birds anymore as i can candidly shoot them from wherever i am, in whatever light... i just didnt bother to use a flash in lowlight to shoot an owl perched 30ft (10m) on a tree, coz its possible with this cam...i had a minipod earlier and the bag i used for my earlier cam all fits like a tee now for this one...

in the one month i have been having this, i have taken low lighting snaps, night snaps, action snaps, children, vivid portraits of candid faces, macros of insects, landscapes in fog, interior design, burst modes to satisfaction of birds in flight, architectural photography, beach, fireworks all out of love for the cam.. i flew to another country and so i took museum, street culture, and aerial snaps as well, where the burst, SCN modes and GPS were extremely waiting for the monsoon to get shots of Lightning, which is my yet to use their software in my PC...the videos are awesome quality, though i do not use it much... i am confident of a short film that i am writing a script !

i love the i-sweep panoramas than the videos and i find the weight of the cam and battery life very comfortable...the tiltable LCD was handy while taking snaps of crowds during family functions... now my photojournalist friend wants to exchange his DSLR for this one, of course, he is joking and am not giving..:)


since i hold the camera into the bag often to protect from dust, the "ON/OFF" or 'VIEW" button gets activated which is a nuisance, they should not have been 'touch n press' buttons, but 'move' switches...the LCD would have scratched easily had i not chosen to go for a scratch guard...i find the burst button placement (front) wrong. (in NikonP500 its on top)...i find it difficult to use macro with Aperture / Manual mode...or even with Auto mode sometimes, the subjects just do not focus, which upsets me, i had to switch off and wait...while using 10MP or above, the process slows down...has anybody experienced the same ?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V
16 megapixels • 3 screen • 27 – 810 mm (30×)
Announced: Feb 1, 2011
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