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Recent M9 user

It makes me think more about the pictures I take which is great. It's also smaller and lighter than the DSLRs that I used to carry about. Oh, and the picture quality's great so far.
Having said all that, it clearly can't do everything and I sometimes struggle to focus quickly (but then my DSLR would sometimes not (auto) focus quickly either, depending on subject and lens in use).
Auto ISO works very well for interior pictures, I don't use it out of doors in good light.
The other learning curve issue that affects me a bit but doesn't seem to be mentioned by others is the switch back from the fairly ubiquitous zoom lenses on DSLRs to fixed length lenses. The advantages tend to be small size, light weight, good quality and wide maximum aperture. The disadvantage is some loss of flexibility of course.


Viewfinder display is prehistoric and really discourages manual exposure setting. I also wish the viewfinder would zoom, but I cope.
Rear display is not as big / high resolution as I'd like.
And of course the price.

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