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Good camera with a lot many feautres for people who pursue photography as a hobbie.
I really love it

Thankx Nikon


Hi All

First of all A warm greetings for all my friends who are posting various messages /discussions relating photography , cameras and their accessories kind of stuff. I had a so much knowledge about the stuff when i went through some of your topics. A special thanks to the site owners & creators who are just simply superb who made life easy for all photographers and those who have hobbie of taking photos (like me, i am not a professional).

I have a NIKON P 500 purchased in MAY 2011. So far so good. The first embrassment was when i started taking pics in one of my cousins wedding after the FIRST 90 /100 PICS the camera gave the following message

" THIS MEMORY CONTAINS NO IMAGES " and all pics are gone. Then i went for a second round on the same day it worked fine . To date it is giving me intermittent problems with the above message, i have consulted the NIKON AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE in HYDERABAD, INDIA. He asked me if i have formatted when i started using for the first time, i confirmed no, We did format in front of him and the chip was uploaded with FIRM WARE 1.1 by him. But again the problem when i went recently to zoo in september. I have formatted again and to date it is working . MY QUERY IS

Is this a chip problem. Should i replace the chip. Do i get a return on the chip as it has (VERBATIM) 3 years warranty period on it. OR what care should i take about it. Can some one help me.

Battery is so far so good, but i feel it takes a long time to charge, I am charging through USB Cable plugging it to the normal power board. My issue is it is taking a long time to charge . Like 4-5 hours after the batter gets fully exhausted. Is this a normal time does it take to get fully charged, Can we get authorised external batterry charger by NIKON. If so whats the code and how much can it cost (approx). If fully charged i am able to take about 150 pics. Please confirm if this number should be ok.

Thankx for your patience and your help will be much appreciated

My email is

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Nikon Coolpix P500
Nikon Coolpix P500
12 megapixels • 3 screen • 23 – 810 mm (36×)
Announced: Feb 9, 2011
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