My first digicam

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My first digicam

I purchased this model back in early 1996. I can't remember if the number 500 was in the product name, but it is the closest I could find here on DPR. I chose it over the Casio QV10 that had an LCD screen because the Epson had higher resolution. The images were 640 x 480 and it had a low resolution mode of 320 x 240. Pictures were a bit soft and had color fringing in the corners. In those days, it was just a toy, a $500 one!

I could fit only 20 high res images in its built in memory that could be expanded. To get the images off the camera, you needed a serial cable and transfer was very slow. It needed 4 AA cells and it would run them down in no time. You'd be lucky to get 40 shots!


A few years later, I gave this camera to my Dad after upgrading. About a year after that, it stopped working. The internal power supply seemed to have a failure.

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