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Csaba Farkas New Member • Posts: 7
Almost there

I love this baby. The genuine article, save for:
- ON/OFF switch terribly sensitive, I hate how it flicks to self-timer easily.
- Buffer overload is one thing but even worse is trying to chimp (review pix) while buffering, or push PLAY before the camera booted up: it may fry the card, makes it unreadable! Happened twice, once real bad: I had to have a superdooper pro SD card with one-off event shots rescued in Lexar headquarters (kudos to Lexar for customer service) because no rescue software was able to retrieve data from the card.

- LCD screen sucks but I can live with it, at least you don't chimp that much.

- Bottom plate sucks, not because you have to take it off for battery/SD card removal (Leica shooters have three hands, didn't you know?), but because it is NOT a Leica bottom plate proper! Check your old M body: the plate has that curly-uppie arching corner bit on the catch side that make it slightly more difficult but also safer to put the plate back on. 2 out of 5, I put the bottom plate back with the catch pin not engaged on the M9. I handed the camera to a pro photog friend, a seasoned M shooter who handled M9 for the first time: ditto. It is annoying and dangerous for the camera's safety, plus you might miss a shot or two.

- Shutter noise is different from cloth shutter but that's life, decent flash sync and 1/4000 are the trade-ins.

Other than that, the M9 is fun to shoot, makes the most of your topnotch Leitz glass, which would be expensive paperweight otherwise, or a silly toy on a M43 mirrorless.
Raw picture quality is perfect, high ISO noise you can get rid of easily.

I modded it with a Thumbs-up grip, Giottos Schott glass LCD protector and a scratch pad for the bottom plate – all are highly recommended.


See above: sensitive main switch, buffer overload, bottom plate. Oh, and the white fill-in lettering of button functions at the back wear off all too soon. Now it reads iSO and NFO.

Leica M9
18 megapixels • 2.5 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 9, 2009
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