It's about the quality!

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dahmooser New Member • Posts: 13
It's about the quality!

I was really excited when I bought this camera at Costco in Hawaii, with a 4GB card, and a nice little case!

However, now that I am home, I've looked at the images in Lightroom, and I am horrified! When I went to set up the camera (and I did read the FULL manual PDF), there was NO place to select image quality/compression. You can only set the size of the image in pixels! I didn't think this was possible, but over and over I looked for a setting for this, and there wasn't one!

The images look as if they are compressed at about 60% JPG quality. Anyone who shoots knows this will result in an image that is shoddy, unclear and noisy. So, all of my photos from Hawaii are ruined, except for the ones that came from my G9. Note also, I am judging the camera in the IDEAL condition, which is full daylight, outside. Any camera, that's any good should produce a clear crisp photo under these conditions. This one doesn't.

The H.264 Video, is actually quite good. Well done here. Better than expected (and I work in "the industry").

The GPS takes a moment to adjust, but it's truly awesome, though I learned that it doesn't work under water, just a note, in case you missed that part! The cool thing is that it not only shows the location, but, it shows which direction the camera was facing! Cool!

The flash does a good job adjusting to it's environment, but it's done by adjusting the exposure. Sorry, but, I kinda like to be able to turn the flash up and bring it down manually if needed. HOWEVER, They do a decent job in this case. I didn't get many washed out photos, so, the metering is pretty good.

All in all, a wonderful design, but, even with all of the whistles and bells, isn't it ALWAYS about the quality of the image? For me, it's that simple. Sorry Nikon, what were you thinking? If anyone can point out that I am in error, please do so, if they did actually find a compression/quality setting.

So, the camera fails completely because of the image quality.


No ability to set compression level - thus ruining the quality of all images.

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